I’ve just discovered podcasts this past week, and so far, so good. My problem was when I was working I was constantly getting distracted by music…singing along, skipping tracks, etc., I’m really liking the podcasts recently. Podcasts are always different and you can even learn a thing or two from them. I’m looking for more to listen to! Send any suggestions to me via comment box!
Also here’s a photo from my shoot yesterday with Cathy and Eclipse.


Bittersweet Session

Today was pretty bittersweet. I woke up bright and early and prepared for my first equine portrait session of the summer. I met up with Cathy and her beautiful black boy Eclipse at their home in Mission, B.C. The session started off fantastically we got some amazing shots of the pair. After about forty minutes Cathy saddled up Eclipse in hopes of getting a few shots of her riding him. Unfourtunalty right after mounting Eclipse began to buck and off came Cathy. Everyone should be sending Cathy good vibes and wishing her a speedy recovery! Here’s a little WikiHow on the best ways to avoid injury when falling off a horse: http://www.wikihow.com/Avoid-Injury-when-Falling-off-a-Horse.


I have some pretty cool information to announce… I’m going back to school! Well kinda, not really….sorta. Anyways the University of Guelph has a great Equine program which is 100% online so that you can still spend a ton of time with your horse while you study. In my case it’s good so that I can still work while attending school. I’m also only doing one course so it should be pretty easy to handle along with work. I’m taking their Equine Journalism course which to me seems like a perfect course. I’m not the best at writing so it focus’ on the writing aspect to begin with and ends up with the photography aspect. I’m pretty stoked to work on this during the fall!

Kentucky Wrap Up

Holy zamboni! I suck at daily blogging. I’ve been home for a couple of days now, back to work, and I finally finished editing the last of my photos from Kentucky at the NAJYRC. Kentucky was such a great experience. It was my first time having a media pass (which I don’t think I exploited to its full potential….I did only get one free meal), and my first time photographing an FEI competition. On top of all that work we also went to the International Museum of the Horse (http://www.imh.org/), Keeneland (http://www.keeneland.com/), and of course we went on a distillery tour at Town Brach Bourbon (http://www.kentuckyale.com/town-branch). We knew we had to go to Keeneland to see where the Kentucky Derby is held. It’s pretty interesting because during the off season, you can just walk around and see everything on your own for free. I found it to be a little erie because it was so quiet. Probably my favourite activity was the distillery tour, not for the bourbon but for the beer. In the past couple of years Kentucky Ale has added bourbon to their roster. So luckily we got both a brewery tour and a distillery tour. When it comes to a casual drink I’ve always got a beer in hand… never wine. Being from Vancouver I love my craft beers and heading to Kentucky Ale was such a treat; I never expected to find a craft brewery in Kentucky. I was impressed with their ale and IPA (I love my IPA’s). Unfourtunalty they don’t distribute their beers on the west coast. After the walk around the brewery we headed over to the distillery. I found it to be very interesting to see how they hand-filled the bottles and of course the process of creating bourbon. When it came to the bourbon tasting I was not as impressed as I was with the beer. Beer is easy to drink….bourbon not so much. On a personal level I had such a great time touring around Lexington and seeing all the beautiful rolling hills. Now to the NAJYRC. Wow what a great experience…not for me but for all the riders. It’s such a feat just to make it to this show. I was following around Lindsay Stewart and Unique (owned by Emily Dick), the pair did great over the course of the show. First up was the team championship, Lindsay was a part of the British Columbia/New Brunswick team who did very well. The team only consisted of three riders (therefore they didn’t have the option of dropping one score) Lindsay Stewart and Unique (scored 65.405%), Hannah Beaulieu and Pharaoh (scored 65.676%), and Alyssa Gaudet and Palladio (scored 60.973%). Together they scored a total of 192.054%! The second day was the day for the individual championship, Lindsay and Unique did great with a 64.763%. In order to compete in the freestyle you had to come in the top 18 and Lindsay squeaked in at 17th! After a day of rest we were up bright and early to see Lindsay and Unique’s freestyle which happened at 7:18am! I think the biggest surprise for me was that during the first ride I heard the beat to a familiar song….I then realized that the familiar song was Talk Dirty By Jason Derulo. It may have just been the beat of the song but I’m not sure if I would choose that song for a dressage freestyle. Believe it or not we heard the song again during another freestyle! Anyways Lindsay and Unique finished up the show with a respectable 65.325%. My congratulations to Lindsay and Unique as well as all the other riders at the show! Here are a few more of my favourite photos from the NAJYRC!

20140717_NAJYRC_2014-07-17_009 Continue…


Another great day today. Luckily Lexington is having record breaking lows in temperature…so it’s perfect for me and even better for the riders. This is the first year in a long time that they’ve been able to wear their jackets. USA took gold and bronze in both the junior and young rider team dressage, while Canada took both silvers! Here are a couple shots from today.


20140716_NAJYRC_2014-07-16_014 Continue…


Kentucky is beautiful! Today was our first day at the show grounds which are incredible.
I’m down here with my best friend, who owns one of the horses that is competing in dressage with junior rider Lindsay Stuart. That being said my main focus is getting great shots of Lindsay and Unique but, I’ll also be around getting shots of some other riders.
All that happened today was the dressage jog. Tomorrow the show really begins.
Below are my favourite shots from today.

20140715_NAJYRC_2014-07-15_001 Continue…

Getting Ready

Today I’ve been pretty lazy…played Sims, watched the World Cup, and of course I’m procrastinating on packing for Kentucky tomorrow. In twelve hours I’ll be waking up and heading to the airport, but before that I have to gather all my gear, do my laundry and update the music on my iPhone.
Below is a picture of some of the gear I’m dragging along with me. My longest lens in my 70mm-200mm and I’m crossing my fingers that it’ll be long enough; I’m trying to travel light so I’m only bringing two other wide lenses, my 16mm-35mm as well as my cheap-o 40mm pancake lens (it may be cheap but it’s my favourite lens to bring along to capture my life day to day). The weather is looking like there will be a lot of thunderstorms so I’m packing plenty of Rainsleeves to protect my body.
Soon enough I’ll be posting from the heat of Kentucky…I don’t do well in heat…


Day 2

Here it is, I’m actually writing for the second day in a row…imagine that!
It’s a pretty exciting time for me right now as I’ll be heading down to Kentucky in a few days to take photos of Lindsay Stuart riding Unique at the 2014 North American Junior and Young Rider Championship. I will be updating the blog daily while I’m down there with writings and a photo or two from the day. I’ve never been to a show this big before so it’ll be a whole new experience! I’ll also be posting photos taken from my iPhone on Instagram throughout the week so head here to follow along Instagram.com/GurrPhotography


New Beginning

Hey everyone!
Thanks for checking out my blog. It may be a little sparse right now, but I’m here to change that; with a brand new simple theme.
I’ve decided to step away from only blogging about my work, and give all you readers more in site into my everyday life, while still writing about my photography as well as anything in between (from cats to hyperfocal distance…just kidding I couldn’t explain hyperfocal distance if I tried).
Hopefully I’ll be here writing every few days, so check back regularly!